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Cyclamen for the garden, greenhouse or conservatory  -

flowers for every month of  the year  -  some highly scented  -

attractive foliage  -  thrive on neglect.


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INDIVIDUAL CORMS                       

Our most popular varieties are both totally hardy in the British Isles and provide valuable colour in the garden when most other plants are losing theirs or are dormant : -

Hederifolium[AGM] *

This is the one to start with if you have not grown Cyclamen before - it is very hardy, growing the most vigorously of all of the varieties, happy in almost any conditions in most well-drained locations, self-seeding  freely and is ideal for the the garden naturalising into drifts readily. It has been a popular garden plant in the UK since the sixteenth century. The pink or white flowers (approx. 6 inches high) come in late summer giving colour until autumn. The variegated ivy-shaped grey-green marbled leaves then follow providing ground cover through the winter until late spring. 

Prices for individual corms are set out below - but please also see our Special Offers on corm collections giving great extra value for money on 'bulk' purchases.

Pink 2-50 each

Album (white) 3-00 each

Coum[AGM] *

This wonderful cyclamen brightens the depths of winter with dumpy white, pink or magenta flowers from late December to March. The rounded leaves come in a range of colours from plain dark green to striking silver-green patterning and almost pure silver leaf.  Like Hederifolium, Coum naturalises very well and gives a marvelous display, especially with snowdrops. See our Special Offers which are designed to enable you to establish a bed of Cyclamen quickly for greater impact.                                                                   

Mixed Flower Colours  2-50 each

Album (white) 3-00 each

Silver leaf/pewter 4-50 each

Other Hardy Varieties of Cyclamen

If not priced please phone  01536-791371 or e-mail for price and availability

Cilicium[AGM] *

White or pink scented flowers in autumn as hederifolium comes to an end.  Hardy, requiring some shade. 

Intaminatum  3.00

Very small plant with white flowers veined grey.  A beautiful little plant and hardy, requiring light shade.   

Mirabile[AGM] *

Pink flowers in autumn.  The leaves, when young, often have pink markings on the upper surface. Hardy.   

Libanoticum[AGM] *

Relatively large flowers a subtle shade of pink in early spring.  Requires shade and shelter but is hardy.   

Purpurascens[AGM] *  3.00

Summer flowering - strongly scented white to dark pink flowers start in May and can continue through to mid winter.  Originally a woodland plant but is quite happy with some sun. Evergreen and therefore should not be allowed to dry out.  Hardy.


White or pink flowers late spring.  Requires shade as it is a woodland plant and would probably thrive in conditions similar to bluebell woods.  Hardy. Due to its delicate growth and deep planting  repandum corms are only posted when dormant (June) .     

* * * * * *

Slightly Tender Varieties of Cyclamen

Africanum  3.00

Similar to Hederifolium but larger and less hardy.  Pink flowers in the autumn and may have a faint scent

Balearicum  3.50

White flowers in early spring after the attractive leaves.  Prefers  shade and needs protection from severe weather.   


White flowers in May, faintly scented.  Requires shade and protection from hard frost.  Out of stock                                 


White scented flowers in late autumn, sometimes with unusually patterned leaves.  Probably best in a shaded corner of a greenhouse or under the staging. 

Graecum  3.00

Pink or white flowers in late summer.  Variable leaves but always a striking display.  Will stand several degrees of frost in the greenhouse.  Requires little shade and should be almost completely dried out for a few weeks after the leaves die down.     

Pseudibericum[AGM] *

Magnificent scented white, pink or magenta  flowers very welcome in late winter.  Fairly hardy, requiring shade and protection from wind. Best in a greenhouse.


Very small plant with pale pink flowers late winter.  Requires a cool, damp, shaded location, probably under the greenhouse staging although it is hardy.                                                                         Out of stock.

Persicum  3.00

From this was developed the familiar pot plant.  However the species, with flowers white, pink through to purple in late spring are usually highly scented.  It will withstand several degrees of frost in the greenhouse, but must be kept dry.


Pink or magenta flowers shaped like miniature propellers.  Hardy given a protected spot.


Pink flowers in autumn.  Both flowers and leaves are totally different to the other species, as are its needs.  Full sun and a heated greenhouse are required.                                                                        .


Discovered in 1986 in N.Somalia, the only captive sample being guarded at a botanical garden in Sweden.  We may see it one day!!

[AGM] *

Several of the species have been granted the Royal Horticultural Society's

Award of Garden Merit [AGM] which means that they are considered to be of "outstanding excellence" for ornamental garden use - it is intended to help

gardeners chose plants of "all-round garden value"  and

we agree that Hardy Cyclamen are definitely that!

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CYCLAMEN HEDERIFOLIUM is the easiest of all the hardy

cyclamen.  It will give a fantastic display with flowers from July to

October when the rest of the garden is preparing for winter ,

and will continue to do so for many years.

We are pleased to be able to continue our offer of smaller ,

Hederifolium corms.  Many of these have flowered , and

all should flower in the autumn. The flowers are mostly pink,

but the collection may include a few white flowers

If you want to see a 'drift' of cyclamen in the autumn these are for you.


40 HEDERIFOLIUM  CORMS  -   39    -   Ref C301

For larger quantities please ask.

* * * * * * * * * *

CYCLAMEN COUM flowers from Christmas through to March to brighten

the garden even before the snowdrops appear (and after the snowdrops also). 

Colours range from white through pink to deep magenta.

We offer smaller corms of these as follows :

    40 COUM CORMS  SOLD OUT    -    63    -   Ref C321 


* * * * * * * * * *

Also - Larger corms of the following:

      10 Hederifolium   (Autumn)           15     -    Ref C303

      10 Coum  (Winter)  SOLD OUT    22    -    Ref C305


Now   -  Seriously mature corms

(Flowered here at the nursery for at least 3 years)

       20 seriously mature Hederifolium   75    -     Ref CX300

* *  * * * *

To order any of the above go to 'HOW TO BUY'                                                               

IMPORTANT    We now have a NEW Hardy Cyclamen web site but have left this site for general (comprehensive) information. Please feel free to browse this site but bear in mind that it is now NOT maintained, nor updated. Our new site offers only Cyclamen Hederifolium at present due to very heavy demand generally over the last few years. Other varieties will be added as they become available.

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