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The Genus Cyclamen

An overview

The genus Cyclamen comprises nineteen species. Within most of these are variations in colour of flower or leaf form.  The flowering period within the genus spreads over most of the year, and some are highly scented.  Many of the species are totally hardy, the remainder mostly requiring only an

unheated greenhouse.  The genus is ideal in size for collecting as a hobby, providing interest and

pleasure the whole year.

Several of the species have been granted the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit [AGM] which means that they are considered to be of "outstanding excellence" for ornamental garden use - it is intended to help gardeners chose plants of "all-round garden value"  and we agree that Hardy Cyclamen are definitely that!

In nature the entire genus originates from a large area centred on the Mediterranean, including

Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, North Africa, Southern France and Italy.  Although some may be found at sea level, most grow in mountainous regions, and can be treated as alpines.  None can thrive in

waterlogged conditions, needing a well-drained

location.  Most appreciate shade in varying degrees and shelter from strong winds. 

In fact, due to their places of origin, most cyclamen actually thrive under shrubs and trees where little else will grow because of the shady, dry summer conditions. When happily established, many of the species will slowly spread by self-sowing.  Individual plants can live for more than 100 years, the corms growing very large.

Cyclamen Coum

It is possible to buy dry corms, which may have been illegally dug up from the wild.  This is not the way to build a collection, as most will never be seen again after planting.  Plants purchased from WILLOWS are sent freshly bare-rooted by 1st class mail.  Most will flower in the first year although a few may remain dormant until the following year.

For full details of the complete genus please visit the site of The Cyclamen Society.

This site contains the whole story and tells you how to join the Society.


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