Hardy Cyclamen from


Cyclamen for the garden, greenhouse or conservatory  -

flowers for every month of  the year  -  some highly scented  -

attractive foliage  -  thrive on neglect.

Willows    Specialist Cyclamen Nursery



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30 ft x 100 ft shade-house


Its history

   My name is Les Cordes.  I first came across Hardy Cyclamen in the mid 1980's and , being "grabbed" by them , immediately decided to make them part of my next "change of direction" - mail order cyclamen. I started to build up a collection , with a "four year plan" in mind - half a million corms was the aim.

    It took a bit longer than that - firstly from a garage to a small rented plot on which I erected a 60 year old dutch-light greenhouse of about 2,000 sq ft  in size.  I then moved to "the field" - 18 acres -  to which the original greenhouse was relocated.

   Then, with Anne , there was further development. We erected another 2,000 sq ft greenhouse, the main 3,000 sq ft shade house and other smaller ones , collecting and sowing seeds at the same time.

   Meanwhile, we survived by  farm shop sales of  our own

produce , including ducks and geese and their eggs, whilst propagating and finding the best way to grow the cyclamen - and that is not always as the books tell you!

   At last, in 1997,  sales by mail order started  and quickly

increased.  Now  we have cyclamen  everywhere.  The four year plan took 3 times as long , but we made it!  So, we now have, and will have, enough cyclamen for everyone!


Main greenhouse : Seed trays  with 100,000 seedlings

Main greenhouse : Some of the plants grown from 150,000 seeds .

Some of many young Coum plants 


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